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Protection of whistleblowers according to Act No. 171/2023 Coll., On the Protection of Whistleblowers and EU Directive (2019/1937) on the Protection of Persons Who Report Violations of Union Law

of the VJ group

V+J OBUV, s. r. o.

Třeboňská 235

373 73 Štěpánovice

Czech Republic


IČ: 25172221, DIČ: CZ25172221

V+J OBUV CZ, s. r. o., člen koncernu 

Třeboňská 235

373 73 Štěpánovice

Czech Republic


IČ: 48039870, DIČ: CZ48039870

VJ Schuh GmbH

V+J OBUV Slovakia, s. r. o. 

v likvidaci [closed]

Landstraße 82

4020 Linz

Republic of Austria


ID: FN534349h, UID: ATU75621338

Saratovská 6E

841 02 Bratislava

Slovak Republic


IČO: 35839007, DIČ: 2020226142

The EU Whistleblower Directive (2019/1937) aims to protect anyone who reports work-related misconduct. The VJ group companies aim for the whistleblowing system to enable the early detection of violations and expect that this system will support the development of the whole organization, which will make the whole group companies work better and protect their good reputation at home and abroad.

Report a compliance event:


Compliance with laws and internal rules is very important to us. Therefore, we offer this notification platform to all our employees and partners (andanonymous) to all possible error.


Thank you for your support - we will carefully and discreetly review each notification.




The process of submission, receipt and processing of notification of breach of compliance in accordance with the EU directive (2019/1937) is governed by the relevant internal VJ instruction

We confirm that your compliance notification has been successfully sent.

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