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As you have reached this page, you are currently holding one of the VJ group products.

The VJ Group guarantees the quality of the product in your hand and guarantees that:

  • they not only look good, but are long-lasting and repairable;

  • they are made from eco-friendly materials and products that always meet our high standards and;

  • they are produced using environmentally and socially compatible production processes.

​And also that during their production in all production locations tries to achieve:

  • minimal consumption of materials, water and energy;

  • the use of renewable energy in the first place;

  • consistent waste recycling and;

  • keeping emissions to air, water and soil always at minimum levels.



You can always be sure that VJ products comply with all relevant legal requirements and binding obligations required in the EU, which is a guarantee of the highest quality throughout the world.

In addition, when manufacturing its products, VJ always strives to reduce the impact on the environment throughout its supply chain, in cooperation with all material suppliers and manufacturing, sales and logistics partners.

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