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Code of Conduct pursuant to Act No. 262/2006 Coll., The Labor Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Labor Code”) and EU rules and directives

of the VJ group

V+J OBUV, s. r. o.

Třeboňská 235

373 73 Štěpánovice

Czech Republic


IČ: 25172221, DIČ: CZ25172221

V+J OBUV CZ, s. r. o., člen koncernu 

Třeboňská 235

373 73 Štěpánovice

Czech Republic


IČ: 48039870, DIČ: CZ48039870

VJ Schuh GmbH

V+J OBUV Slovakia, s. r. o. 

v likvidaci [closed]

Landstraße 82

4020 Linz

Republic of Austria


ID: FN534349h, UID: ATU75621338

Saratovská 6E

841 02 Bratislava

Slovak Republic


IČO: 35839007, DIČ: 2020226142

Since 1992, VJ group companies has believed that they can contribute to improving the lives of their employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which VJ group companies operate, by raising the standards of health, workplace security, economic well-being, education, and environmental respect - all this in the context of promoting good corporate citizenship and sustainable development. VJ group operates with fairness and integrity in all of its dealings. Implicit in its core operating beliefs and culture is the determination that VJ group would build its businesses, in collaboration with stakeholders, based on trust, teamwork, honesty and mutual respect. VJ group expects all of its business partners to operate under these same principles.

The Supplier Code of Conduct obliges all suppliers or manufacturers of goods and services to VJ group companies, their subcontractors and/or agents (“Suppliers”), to operate their respective businesses on a basis which is in compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct.  

Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct is a condition of doing business with VJ group. VJ group reserves the right to verify the Suppliers' compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct from the time time. Unwillingness to cooperate or repeated serious violations of Supplier Code of Conduct Code and/or local law may lead to reduced business and / or termination of the business relationship between VJ group and Supplier.

The following are the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct. They do not replace the obligation of all Suppliers to comply with their local laws. In some cases, these requirements may exceed the requirements set out in local laws.

1. Dignity and respect

The Supplier shall not use any form of forced labor, harassment, abuse or corporal punishment in its dealings with its employees.

2. Minimal age of employee

Supplier's employees shall be at least age 18. Supplier may employ persons between age 16 and 18 to perform light-duty activities, and only so long as there is no risk to the young person's well-being, education, physical or psychological, or moral or social development. Under no circumstances may Suppliers employ persons under the age of 16.

3. Non-dicsrimination

The Supplier shall not operate its business or subject any of its employees to discrimination on account of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

4. Remuneration and benefits

The Supplier shall provide remuneration and benefits to its employees that comply with local laws or, in the absence of local laws, which are fair and competitive both within the footwear industry and within the local community in which the Supplier operates, at all times dealing with its employees in good faith.

5. Workplace standrads

The Supplier shall provide a safe, clean workplace which maintains high standards of and protects each employee's health and safety. 

Suppliers must recognize that all injuries are preventable and take such actions as may be required to identify such risks, including health and safety training.

6. Life environment

The Supplier shall operate its business in a manner which recognizes the need to protect the natural environment.


7. Product safety

The Supplier shall ensure that the goods that it supplies to VJ group meet or exceed the minimum quality and safety standards which have been communicated to it so that the health and safety of employees and customers are not put at risk.  The Supplier shall fully cooperate in any product safety audit which may be conducted from time to time.

this code of conduct is based on BSCI rules

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